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9 Concerns We Want We’d Asked Ourselves Before Texting Him December 17, 2020

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9 Concerns We Want We’d Asked Ourselves Before Texting Him

“It is like he hasn’t called or texted in a while. . . . Do I need to get in touch with him? Or will that be irritating? Let’s say he doesn’t react? Let’s say he doesn’t care? Let’s say this can be his means of attempting to keep the partnership? Let’s say he is splitting up beside me? Does he think i am too needy? Wait—am We too needy?”

Does the above train of idea ever transpire in your head? If that’s the case, be assured you aren’t crazy, and you also’re not really alone. As a therapist, we hear these monologues on a regular basis.

He really does still care when you start to feel this way, your knee-jerk reaction is to seek affirmation from your partner: to call, to text, to see if. But, the thing is that looking for reassurances that are too many often backfire, as well as your significance of verification winds up sabotaging the connection. (more…)

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