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People of color are disproportionately very likely to report dismal credit. July 15, 2020

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People of color are disproportionately very likely to report dismal credit.

Our study discovered that households of color are in a serious drawback whenever it comes down to credit score. Even though the almost all low- and middle-income white households with personal credit card debt report good or exceptional credit, the exact opposite does work for African People in america. Sixty-five per cent of white households inside our test explain their credit ratings nearly as good or exemplary, higher compared to 44 % of African US households who identify when you look at the good or categories that are excellent. In comparison, over 50 % of African US households belong to the number of reasonable and woeful credit. Among households with credit debt whom understand their credit rating within an assortment, simply 15 % of white households within our sample have actually credit ratings below 620, in comparison to significantly more than a 3rd of African households that are american. Many white households (59 percent) report ratings of 700 or above, showing strong credit, while significantly less than one quarter of African Americans (24 per cent) have the ability to achieve the exact same credit rating status that is high. Our findings are in line with past research regarding the gap that is racial fico scores, including studies done by Federal Reserve Board, the Federal Trade Commission together with Brookings Institution. 11


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