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Thread: online dating sites: why react if you should be maybe perhaps perhaps not interested? October 20, 2020

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Thread: online dating sites: why react if you should be maybe perhaps perhaps not interested?

Online dating sites: why respond if you should be maybe maybe perhaps not interested?

The one thing i have noticed is often a lady will react to my initial message and answer fully the question I inquired, yet not display any desire for me personally or term it in a way that means it is apparent they don’t really wish to carry on a discussion. Plainly they don’t really have curiosity about me personally, that is fine, but why react when you look at the first place? To be polite? I am talking about, we’re on a dating internet site, i am perhaps maybe not asking concerns merely to increase my basic knowledge!

We have that some dudes have all angry if a woman does not react, but a jerk whom bombards you with communications in the event that you do not react continues to be likely to behave like a jerk in the event that you react merely to be polite.

Lol, this can be more of a rant than a real concern, i assume!

Individuals like once you understand they truly are attractive, and additionally they like once you understand folks are interested in them. Only a few individuals are such as this needless to say, but this woman could possibly be answering your concerns simply to stroke her very own ego.

. And the ones would be the exact same women that only call you whenever they should feel great about by themselves and need attention.

I do believe it is more that they are wanting to be courteous. It is like wanting to ignore those social individuals passing out leaflets on road corners. You do not wish whatever they’re providing, but feel bad about totally ignoring them haha.

We agree, i would answer politely as well although not ask concerns right straight back therefore it is clear i’m not interested, but I would personally never ever simply ignore somebody, that in my opinion is rude, and let them know you are not interested is also something I really could maybe not do effortlessly, which means this may seem like the easiest method to manage it


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