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Mother’s Closest Friend. “Betty will be dropping down a package for me personally around 11:00. July 23, 2020

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Mother’s Closest Friend. “Betty will be dropping down a package for me personally around 11:00.

Do you want to respond to the door and place the package in the dining table for me personally? ” Michele called to her son.

“Sure, not a problem, ” Pat called from upstairs.

Pat had been George and Michele’s 20-year-old son who was simply home during a rest between their very first and 2nd semester in college. He previously grown into a pleasant searching child, standing almost 6’2″ and weighing 200lb. He’d well trimmed dark brown locks and deeply set blue eyes. He kept himself in form by exercising daily in the university fitness and health center.

Betty Wilson, an extended buddy of michele’s ended up being 49, together with been divorced for pretty much six years. Despite the fact that she ended up being a lot more than twice their age, Pat had frequently dreamed about making love with Betty. She had been a woman that is petite standing only 5’2″ and weighing significantly less than 115lb. Despite her tiny stature her breast size had been a 36d that is full. She kept her auburn hair trimmed brief, sufficient reason for her black colored rimmed glasses, she constantly reminded Pat of a prim and proper school librarian. Pat had been convinced it was area of the switch on for him. In the past six years or more Betty would frequently visit George and Michele’s home a few times a week. And during her visits Pat would attempt to sneak peeks of her legs as she uncrossed and crossed her feet and modified her dress while sitting in the sofa. She often wore her semi-transparent blouse that is white her bra and well-formed breasts would drive Pat almost crazy. Generally, after, if not over these visits, Pat would make a justification and rush upstairs to their bed room and secure the entranceway. With Betty’s image planted squarely in his mind’s eye, he would slip away from their jeans, and after just a couple strokes that are furious their cock, would cum just just exactly what appeared like gallons. (more…)

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