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Q: What did the fish state as he swam in to the wall? A: Dam! October 3, 2020

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Q: What did the fish state as he swam in to the wall? A: Dam!

Q: Why don’t skeletons fight one another? A: They do not have the guts.

Q: Just just just What can you phone cheese that’s not yours? A: Nacho Cheese

Q: What roads do ghosts haunt? A: Dead concludes!

Q: Do you read about the astronaut whom stepped on nicotine gum? A: He got stuck in Orbit.

Q: What did the cent state to another cent? A: We make perfect cents.

Q: Why did the guy with one hand cross the street? A: to access the hand shop that is second.

Q: Why did the child sprinkle sugar on his pillow before he decided to go to rest? A: So he could have sweet ambitions.

Q: What can you phone a nervous javelin thrower? A: Shakespeare.

Q: Do you read about the painter who had been hospitalized? A: Reports say it had been because of strokes that are too many.

Q: Why did the robber simply take a bath? A: Because he wished to make a clear getaway. (more…)

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