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Are all females bisexuals.London’s two lesbian health that is sexual were January 12, 2021

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Are all females bisexuals.London’s two lesbian health that is sexual were

Goals: to give you information concerning the intimate records of the large test of lesbians and bisexual ladies, to tell people who offer medical care or carry down research with ladies who can be intimately active along with other ladies.

Design: Cross survey that is sectional.

Setting/subjects: 803 lesbians and bisexual ladies going to, as brand brand brand new clients, lesbian intimate wellness clinics, and 415 lesbians and bisexual ladies from a residential area test.

Main result measures: personal reported history that is intimate sexual training with both male and female partners.

Outcomes: 98percent of this sample that is whole a history of sexual intercourse with females, 83% in the previous 12 months, by having a median of just one feminine partner for the reason that 12 months. 85% for the test reported activity that is sexual guys; for the majority of (70%) it was 4 or maybe more years back. First experience that is sexual become with a person (median 18 years of age), with very very very first intimate experience with a female many years later on (median 21 years). Oral sex, genital penetration with hands, and shared masturbation had been the absolute most commonly reported intimate methods between females. Vaginal penetration with penis or hands and masturbation that is mutual the absolute most commonly reported intimate tasks with males. (more…)

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